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The last person Merida ever expected to be drift compatible with was her mother. Growing up they had a lot of disputes about… well about pretty much everything. Elinor had a very strict idea of what her daughter should be doing and should not be doing and absolutely about where she should be going during the days while she and her husband went off on missions. But when her father lost his leg and decided to go into early retirement she stepped up to the plate and found just what an amazing team she and her mother could make. Fergus coaches from the sidelines, but honestly the ladies know what they are doing and use their expertise in range weapons to protect the coasts in their Jaeger (Ursa Major)

I am always looking for artists who can do cool genre mash-ups. Lou-Jiinsy’s Disney Jaeger art mashes-up my favorite film of last year, Pacific Rim with the Disney Universe. In Pacific Rim the giant Jaeger robots were navigatged by two man teams that were highly compatible physically, mentally and emotionally so that they can mind meld and work as one brain in order to fight a race of Kaiju/Giant monsters bent on invading the earth. Pacific Rim was the next best thing until Godzilla, the next Transformers sequel or Mighty Morphin Power Rangers reboot.

Jiinsy’s Jaeger pilot choices are remarkably aproporiate: Merida matched with her mother, from Brave; Hans and Anna from Frozen; Jasmine and Aladdin and Ariel and Eric from The Little Mermaid would all be great navigators and warriors. Jiinsy even goes as far to give their Jaeger names and create appropriate back stories for the teams. I included her little info-ettes because they add life to the art being shown.

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Via Geek Tyrant and Lou-Jiinsy’s Tumblr page.

Arabian Knight – Jasmine & Aladdin

Living on the streets is hard enough, but living on the streets of a coastal city after the Kaiju attacks began? Near impossible. You have to be quick on your feet and ready to run and hide, ready to do anything to survive. Aladdin had been doing this for most of his life, and even though he was in a pretty bad situation, he always gave whatever he had to spare to the younger kids, those who survived when their parents did not.

One day while out and about, he laid his eyes on the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. In an attempt to impress her he began chatting up how he was a Jaeger Pilot and how tough it was out in the streets. She, seeing right through his bluff, humored his attempt and even asked him to show her a few pointers then asked him for a friendly sparring match.

Two moves later Aladdin was on the floor and Jasmine revealed that she actually was in training to become a pilot. He fell in love instantly. She gave him one more shot, and upon seeing what incredible raw talent he had realized what a good team they might make. She urged him to sign up for the corps and after some extensive training, they streamlined him right up to the top. Their fighting styles vary quite a lot, but meld together beautifully in the drift.

Their Jaeger(Arabian Knight) is a little bit smaller than other Jaegers because it has an experimental flight drive. As you might guess it’s quite hard to get something near the size of a skyscraper off the ground for very long. But what it lacks in size it does not lack in power and has taken down many Kaiju and plans to take down many more.

Dream Giver – Nakoma & Pocahontas

The pilots of the reliable Jaeger ‘Dream Giver’, Pocahontas and Nakoma have been together since they were kids. When they were given the option to train in the corps to become Jaeger pilots, Pocahontas leapt at the new opportunity. Nakoma was a little more hesitant, but eventually realized that someone had to be there to protect her free spirited friend, to comfort her when she needed it. And besides, it wasn’t like she was going to let her best girl get in a giant robot with someone else by her side.

Evening Star – Tiana & Naveen

Tiana and Naveen’s Jaeger (Evening Star) has the unique capability of leaping extremely high in and out of water, it focuses mostly on projectile weapons rather than hand-to-hand combat. Out of the giant robot, Tia and Naveen love to brighten up the spirits of all their teammates and other rangers by bringing homemade food and lively music to the recreational halls.

Frozen Heart – Hans and Anna

"Our mental synchronization can have only one explanation, we’re drift compatible.”

Anna and Elsa but I like Elsa as a techie or engineer so much more. She doesn’t like Anna’s new Co-Pilot but no one can deny how effective they are together. Their new Jaeger (Frozen Heart) has already taken down four Kaijuu since it’s first drop only a few months prior.

Gilded Emperor – Kuzco and Pacha

For a long time Kuzco was content to be just the heir to one of the largest investors to the Jaeger program, donating tons in resources and funds to the cause, but when he realized just how much fame and popularity the pilots were getting, he signed up and demanded to have the best Jaeger of them all. All throughout training he kept on getting his ass handed back to him.

Finding a drift partner was near impossible because no one wanted to deal with his attitude or highly demanding needs. Along comes Pacha. A husband and loving father, extremely patient and although not willing to take any of Kuzco’s shenanigans, is calm enough to work through them. Their Jaeger (Officially called the Gilded Emperor, but often called the Gilded Llama behind their back due to the odd shape of it’s head) is indeed one of the best. It is extremely good at climbing, and quite agile for it’s size. Kuzco would never admit it outside the drift, but he wouldn’t want to be paired with anyone.

Golden Trident – Ariel & Eric

Caught in one of the Kaijuu attacks, Ariel lost both her legs at a very early age.Growing up she had a dream of being a Jaeger pilot. Her aunt was able to outfit her with working robotic prosthetic legs, and her dream became a reality. But due to an electrical short between her drivesuit and the legs, she lost her vocal chords. Sign language is widely used around the base, and her co-pilot Eric is more fluent than anybody else. Their Jaeger (Golden Trident) is the fastest underwater of any of the Jaegers and can perform even better under high pressure, often going out further than the others to intercept Kaijuu as they advance.

Ohana King – Lilo and Nani

Lilo and Nani lost both their parents when their Jaeger (Ohana King) fell in of the Kaijuu attacks.Due to a severe storm hovering over the area where Ohana King was at the time it had gone off the radar and was never found.

Nani was still a child herself when she had to take up the mantle and play both mother and father to Lilo. When given the opportunity to join the corps and train to become Jaeger pilots, Nani agreed if only to have enough money for food and a consistent roof over their heads. A few years after living on base Marshall Cobra Bubbles got word that a rescue team had news on the whereabouts of the wreckage of Ohana King. Upon finding it, they discovered something else, something worse. A remote team was experimenting on live animals with the remains of the Kaijuu DNA. Most of their creations died off, but one survived, a little french bulldog who had curiously turned blue during the experiments. His tongue and eyes sometimes glow and he is super intelligent.

After some extreme begging and persuasive talking Lilo convinced Cobra Bubbles to allow him to stay and named him Stitch. With the official title of a “Therapy Dog” he was able to live with them and became a sort of mascot for Nani’s Jaeger team.

When Lilo got old enough she enlisted as well, and when Nani’s old partner David injured his leg to the point where he had to retire she became her sister’s co-pilot. David still helps by piloting one of the helicopters that bring the Jaegers out of the base. With it’s new jockey’s Ohana King has never operated so smoothly.

Shepherd’s Crystal – Kida & Milo

Milo Thatch never intended to become a Jaeger pilot. He originally worked on the science team, trying to decode the language of the Kaijuu, insisting there was something more to them then mindless roars. One day a ranger asked him to help her spar to train for her upcoming co-pilot assignment when they discovered how completely drift compatible they were. Inseparable ever since, their Jaeger “Shepherd’s Crystal” uses a lot of old tech, but don’t let that fool you, it’s one of the most powerful out there.

Victor Delta – Dash and Violet

Two of the youngest pilots in the corps, brother and sister duo Dash and Violet Parr pilot one of the first in a series of “Designer Jaegers” created by the brilliant mind of Edna Mode. The idea behind them was to give an advantage by studying kaiju remains and figuring out how they work, to discover how to take them down faster and more efficiently. And look fabulous while doing so.

Their Jaeger, Victor Delta (Named by their mother, when neither of them could solidify a name they liked, using the NATO phonetic alphabet and the first initial of their names), is equipped with a finely tuned system that allows it to move faster than most other jaegers. By studying the kaijus eyes they were able to figure out a projected frequency that disrupts the lightwaves around it, effectively making it invisible to the monsters. One newer and more experimental features it has electromagnetic shields that form kinetic barriers when powered up. They may not be 100% kaiju proof, but they do a damn good job in the field.


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