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Now Marvel, as we all know, has been notorious for squeezing in "end credit" scenes at the end of marvel movies to build up to another film or an irradiation of a sequel. Now given that this is Marvel's last movie before "The Avengers: Age of Ultron" releases, there are many directions that they can take in terms of putting in an end credit scene that has to be relevant for what's to come. Here are some of my top 3 ideas of what meaningful end credit scene could occur:

1. We see more Thanos:

The last we saw Thanos was at the ending of the Avengers film. Not even a 10 sec scene that shows him. Now my idea is I could envision Thanos getting a hold of a gem that might be included in Guardians of The Galaxy. I could see Thanos looking at Asgard as saying something like "Ah...Odins treasure room" and then cuts off. It would make sense since Guardians of the Galaxy already takes place in a cosmic setting. Reintroducing Thanos would keep us interested in Avengers 3. I wouldn't be shocked if some similarity of this scene may occur.

2. Loki ruling Asgard:

This could be another possibility, probably the most unlikely to occur since it's too early to tease given that Thor 3 is years away, but it's still a possibility. Maybe show Loki ruling Asgard and what he has in store for Thor. Or even show him letting Thanos into Odins treasure room, or even show Loki have a slight confrontation with Thanos given that Loki is the "new king" he probably would do everything in his power to not be walked all over by Thanos. Ehhh I'm just using my imagination now... But my next idea is the most likely to happen...

3. We get our first official look at Ultron!

Now I'm willing to bet my house that Ultron will appear in the end credit scene of [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073). It just makes perfect sense. Since this is Marvel's last movie before Avengers 2, they would/should go out with a big BANG to tease the [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) one more time. We saw some robot looking thing in some photos on set. Some say it's a prototype of Ultron while others say it's just one of his minions...And that robot didn't look anything like the Ultron we saw on the comi-con teaser trailer. This version of Ultron we might see will possibly be the "completed" version ready for the movie. Not sure how they'll introduce Ultron, but he will definitely make some appearance. If he doesn't I would be completely shocked.

Now Marvel has been known to make two end credit scenes. One of which are more comedic and the other a more serious tone for what's next to come. (Capt America 2 surprisingly has 2 meaningful end credit scenes) so they might mix and match maybe a Thanos ending along with an Ultron ending?.. What do you guys think? I'm curious..


What end credit scene would you love to see in Guardians of the Galaxy?


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