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Jacob Lovedoctor Gordon

I'm one of the guys that is still kind of bitter that the big boys (Fox, Disney, and Sony, who else is there??) won't do a cross-over with our favorite character, so I kinda attached myself to Disney Marvel, because of Cap and Iron Man. So my initial thoughts of Amazing Spider-Man, and Amazing Spider-Man 2 were kind of biased I think.. The Amazing Spider-Man reboot is not terrible, but it's not great, because it does leave a lot of questions unanswered, but then again we know these guys barely look at comics for inspiration for anything but villains and side-characters..

Amazing Spider-Man left me feeling like there was very little hope left for what Sony was going to do with our masked arachnid powered hero, and I'm sure most of us can agree it was just so they could keep the rights to the character. It was kind of cool, but the movie was definitely not amazing.

Then, we got [The Amazing Spider-Man 2](movie:508593), and (as long as a movie is still in cinemas, I won't be spoiling anything, because I don't think anybody should! :^] ) it wasn't Captain America 2, Thor 2, or Iron Man, but it was so much better than Amazing Spider-Man. The scenes with Andrew and Emma left me with a ridiculous smile that you just can't avoid, like when you watch a romance, or Disney movie with a moment that just forces a grin on your face, it was really touching, and it became more emotional.

The villains were great, but I didn't quite get my violent hero vs villain battle fix, during the movie, but I'm hoping they'll make it up to us in the next movie. It really felt like the villains were just barely present to me, nothing that the villains did really felt like it resonated. There was a lot of destruction and it felt like that part was over-looked and they could have added more gravity to the film by people talking about the destruction, and the near deaths, or even deaths.. I know for a fact Spider-Man didn't save everybody in some of that mess, there's no way...

But, there I go, it's just a movie, and not a bad one either.

Eh, I'll give it a... 6.5/10

Thank you for reading guys/gals.

I'll be glad if you'll have me.

Let me know what you thought about the movie while not spoiling it for others.


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