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There aren't many better places to hide an Easter egg than an episode of The Simpsons - between Chalkboards, Couch Gags and thousands of frames of animated secret goodness, the show is a treasure trove of hidden gags and references.

One that secretly reveals Homer Simpson to be a genius, though? Now that's an Easter egg to keep you going all the way to Thanksgiving.

Way back in 1998, in the classic episode "The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace", Homer attempts to bring meaning to his life by competing with (the deceased) Thomas Edison as an inventor. As part of this process, he writes a formula on a chalkboard - one that looks a little something like this:

Sharp-eyed mathematicians among you might just spot that what Homer appears to have achieved is a solution to the legendary mathematical puzzle known as Fermat's Last Theorem. Unsolved for almost 400 years, the mysterious piece of math is not, sadly, finally resolved by Homer Simpson's beautiful mind - his solution is what mathematicians call a 'near miss', that though it looks like the correct answer, is actually a way off in the detail.

Despite that - and the fact that Fermat's Last Theorem was actually all-but proven in 1995 - you still have to give Homer Simpson a lot of credit for managing any kind of proof at all - even an unsuccessful one.

D'oh, indeed. Something tells me Homer may have been playing us all along...

What do you guys think? Is Homer Simpson secretly a genius, out to rule the world? Let me know below!


Homer Simpson - Is he secretly a genius out to take over the world?



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