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Matt Carter

HBO has released a promo trailer for the next episode of Game of Thrones, titled "Mockingbird".

Normally I'd now give a short intro to the trailer, but you guys are better than that. You know what's going on, so give it a watch and I'll meet you on the other side for some rampant speculation:

At the thrilling climax of last week's episode of [Game of Thrones](movie:817617), Tyrion - instead of pleading for mercy and being enlisted into the Night's Watch - demanded trial by combat.

In the promo trailer I spotted the Mountain chopping somebody to pieces. Does this mean he's fighting on the side of the King? If so, will Oberyn step in to fight for Tyrion and thus give himself the chance to gain revenge on the monster who split his sister in half?

My second theory is Jaime Lannister, as the head of the King's Guard will be forced to fight for the prosecution, with Bronn in Tyrion's corner.

I haven't read the books, so if you know the answer please don't spoil it in the comments. However, feel free to speculate wildly if don't know what's about to go down.


Who will fight?


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