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What do you think when you think Bradley Cooper? Dreamy eyes? Excellent suit wearing? Academy award nominations? Well, forget all that garbage because Cooper's not-at-all-bitter ex-wife has spoken, and he is a master manipulator. Got it?

In a brand new autobiography Jennifer Esposito has kindly reminded us that she was married to B.Coops for 5 long months in 2006, and that she wasn't very happy about it.

Whereas Cooper went on to be a multimillionaire A-lister, Esposito was fired from [Blue Bloods](series:722543) by CBS for rinsing sick time with her Celiac disease. Needless to say, this is a perfect time for the memoirs to come out and the dollars to roll in.

Esposito doesn't name B.Coops by name in the scathing scribbling about him, but it is about as challenging as the world's most obvious blind item to unmask him. According to the NYDN Esposito;

Describes the mystery suitor as, “funny, smart, cocky, arrogant and a master manipulator,” adding that she didn't “necessarily find him that attractive.” They quickly became a couple, although the actress says her boyfriend had a “mean, cold side” and “his personality could flip on a dime"

As you may of guessed by the 1 star review below, the tirade of bitterness continued on with Esposito claiming

The relationship was an unhealthy one, focused primarily on his needs and nothing else

Despite the sadness she felt about her slippery suitor, Esposito stayed with him until he slithered away without a trace. The actress penned that while she was healing herself at a spiritual retreat in L.A., B.Coops legged it. She said;

Within days, my relationship hit an all-time low, and within a week it was over. Abruptly, rudely, and with the exact callousness that I’d come to expect from him

Meow! To be honest, even if this is the stone cold truth, there is nothing scandalous here though. This sounds like one persons biased account of the unravelling of a relationship, but you can't really blame her.

If you got someone from each side of a breakup to write their own account, I am sure that the other party would come across and a cold, evil bastard. Esposito just happens to be famous, so we actually want to hear her bitter ranting instead of running for the hills when we sense a vent coming on.

Do you think that Bradley Cooper is really a bit of an ass hole?


Would you read Jennifer Esposito's memoirs?

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