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Strawberries and cream. Fries and ketchup. Gin and tonic. Macaroni and cheese. Ninjas and the apocalypse. Some things just go together, you know...

Well, even if the last one is questionable, it still looks like we are getting a gem of a movie with the upcoming Ninja Apocalypse. The colorful new trailer for the campy martial-arts fantasy is here - and it's full of some reasonably familiar faces, ninjas, lightsabers (I think?) and zombies... Because, well, why the hell not!?

Don't believe me? Watch this:

Well, doesn't that just look darling!

Ninja Apocalypse was directed by Lloyd Lee Barnett, who has worked on the visual effects for movies like Avatar and Spider-Man, with Christian Oliver and Les Brandt leading the cast and notable appearances by Ernie Reyes Jr. and Cary Tagawa,

Ninja Apocalypse is set to be released on August 5th on VOD. Will you be checking it out?

(Source: GeekTyrant)


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