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Edge of Tomorrow is certainly becoming one of my highest anticipated sci-fi movies of 2014. I'm still on the bench about whether the movie will actually be any good, but from the looks of the trailers and featurettes we've seen, it certainly looks like a whole heap of fun.

The story involves Lt. Bill Cage, a military desk officer who is unceremoniously dumped into battle against an invading alien army. Although he is immediately killed, he finds himself locked in a time-loop (Groundhog Day-style) in which he must re-fight the same battle over and over. This concept certainly opens up the possibility of Edge of Tomorrow being a standout original action film among all the various sequels, reboots and franchise films we see year-in-year-out. Check out the new trailer below:

See what I mean? Actually, I've only just realized that Tom Cruise rarely dies in any of his films. Edge of Tomorrow looks set to change that by killing off Cruise dozens of times - usually in incredible looking, futuristic war-action.

The Edge of Tomorrow assault launches on June 6, 2014

What do you think? One to look out for, or another sci-fi flop? Let us know below.


Edge of Tomorrow looks...

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