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Has Star Wars Episode VII already begun filming? If Abu Dhabi based English language Newspaper The National are to believed, then it certainly looks that way.

They've reported that principal photography will begin today near the UAE capital, and continue until at least the end of May. With unauthorized access to the area directly obstructed by local police and military, there is certainly an air of star-studded filming to the area, as opposed to just the 'second-unit work' that Disney Chairman Alan Horn recently suggested.

The National also report that:

"members of the cast are already here and have been out in the dunes practising driving the vehicles they’ll be using when filming begins."

and that

"two lorries of explosives have been brought to one of the sites under high security and that a blast crater has been created. So, it looks like the action in Abu Dhabi could be set to feature a major battle or spacecraft crash of some description."

All of which sounds an awful lot like filming has begun to me. Which means we're one step closer to seeing Star Wars on screen again.

The word excited doesn't even cover it.

What do you guys think? Are they filming full scenes of the movie already out in Abu Dhabi? Let me know below!


Has Star Wars Episode VII really begun filming?



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