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Well known Hollywood voice of reason James Franco has thrown in his two cents about the Spring Breakers sequel, and he is not a happy bunny.

In typically outlandish Franco style, the actor sidestepped expressing his opinion in the more conventional format of the written work and instead went for a performance art video. Of course he did.

The actor appears in character as Alien - the cornrowed drug dealer and gun enthusiast he played in the original [Spring Breakers](movie:386903) - who is apparently in rehab after 'smoking too much dope in a club'. Franco is pictured laying on his back dyspractically cramming a rice cake into his mouth as a voice-over announces that 'his tummy is a bit sensitive'. Thankfully, the 36-year-old was also kind enough to give the bizarre video a concrete meaning by accompanying it with the following image caption;

So, there you have it. [Spring Breakers: The Second Coming](movie:1407297) might be being penned by the supremely talented Irvine Welsh, and have a killer storyline BUT it is not approved by Harmony Korine himself. Or, James Franco for that matter.

I'm in two minds about the sequel. There is no denying that the all school cast of Disney tweenagers helped to give the original movie gravitas along with Korine's direction, but I have faith in Åkerlund as a director and am a huge fan of Welsh's writing.

I guess we will just have to wait and see...

Do you think Spring Breakers: The Second Coming should go ahead without Korine and Franco's blessing?


Spring Breakers 2 is...

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