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Note, if you aren't all caught up on The Vampire Diaries, then MAJOR SPOILERS below!

So. Everyone cool to talk about this?

It's OK if you need a minute.

Seriously, it's OK. Give it a second. It'll all be fine. Eventually.

Alright, then let's do this.

Stefan Salvatore is no more. His heart has been broken in a very literal way. Worst of all, according to star Paul Wesley, he won't be returning.

Which sounds pretty final - but is it?

Pretty much everyone has been up in arms about the big reveal - and there's already a lot of buzz about potential ways of bringing Stefan back, and Enzo with him.

If The Other Side were stopped from collapsing even further, could we still see the two heartthrobs back for next season?

Here's hoping...

What do you guys think? Will Stefan and Enzo be back next season? Let me know below!


Will we be seeing Stefan and Enzo next season?

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