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Kit Simpson Browne

The ideas of abandonment, of the unknown, and of utterly terrifying children all crop up a lot in horror movies. They are things that fundamentally scare us - just like things that go bump in the night, spiders and George A. Romero.

How much scarier would they be, though, if they were real?

That's what Brazilian pranksters Canal BOOM set out to explore in the clip below - by leaving a seemingly abandoned girl on the street, and waiting for innocent passersby to stop to see if she's OK. When they do, though - well, you'll want to check it out for yourself. (The good stuff starts from 0:30 in)

Yup. That's terrifying - and almost certainly going to haunt all of their (and our) dreams for weeks.

What do you guys think? Would you freak out if this happened to you? Let me know below!


If you were pranked by this girl - would you freak out like everyone in the video?



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