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Many horror films have featured young couples hoping to get some intimate time alone, only to be disturbed by the forces of darkness, serial killers or just your general garden-variety ghoulies. It looks like Bernard Rose's found-footage thriller will continue in this tradition.

Rose, who also delivered 1990s horror classic Candyman, recently provided with a new clip from the horror. From the looks of things, the situation goes from kinky to horrific rather quickly. Check out the clip below:

Adam and Jill attempt to spice up their relationship by recording a sex tape in an old abandoned mansion. However, it quickly becomes apparent that they’re not exactly alone in their new ominous surroundings. Soon the couple realizes that some sex tapes should never be made as their kinky adventure turns into a desperate fight for survival.

Still not seen not enough? Well, feast your eyes on the trailer too:

Found footage used to be a novel gimmick, but now it almost seems like it's becoming the de facto form of horrific cinema. What do you think? Do you like found footage, or is it time the genre just died? Let us know below.


What do you think of found footage?

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