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In an exclusive interview to SciFiNow Singer has revealed 3 X-Men characters will be entering the institute as students! These characters are not exactly new, but how we will see them in this movie will be new. They are...


Back when First Class was released many were surprised to see his brother Havok taking his place as an original member of the team. Well the wait is over: [X-Men: Apocalypse](movie:1194267) will see Cyclops entering the institute. We saw him rescued by Xavier as the end of Wolverine's first solo movie, which would time nicely with the time period X-Men First Class was set in. If they pick up from that point is still unknown, but it is the logical option considering how they are obviously linking all the mutant franchise together. What will be interesting is seeing how Cyclops copes with the sheer power of his optic blasts and learning to become a leader. I for one am looking forward to seeing a rookie Cyclops enter the movie franchise.

Jean Grey

With Cyclops comes his first lady. Jean Grey has also been announced so we can already guess where a love story will tie in to the movie. Also it could lead to the premise of Apocalypse believing the DNA of Cyclops and Jean Grey result in the ultimate mutant, X-Man. X-Man was a character born in the Age of Apocalypse storyline and still has a fan base that love him. We also saw Jean Grey recruited by Magneto and Xavier in X-Men The Last Stand, so we may see them remake that scene for the movie or have the movie start with her arrival at the institute. What will be good is seeing Jean explore every inch of her abilities and hopefully it may lead to a proper version of the Phoenix.


The weather witch will also be arriving. This is the one that will be very interesting in the movie as her powers all depend on an emotional balance, so a teenager with wild hormones is not the first thing you think of when you the of emotional balance. There was a deleted scene in the first Wolverine movie that was deleted and she was seen in X-Men First Class when Cerebro scanned for mutants. I think we may see her being recruited in the movie (hopefully like in the comics by picking the pocket of the wrong telepath) but we will have to see what Singer has planned for her.

Now with the 3 set to enter as student the next question is who will play them? The possibilities are endless with Hollywood finding new talent around the globe. Who are you most excited to see return but this time as a student?


Who are you excited to see as a young student?


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