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Matt Carter

It's finally here! Batman vs Superman director Zack Snyder has tweeted a world exclusive photo of Ben Affleck as Batman. And it looks magnificent.

Stop reading what I'm writing and look at it immediately:


I'm a fully-grown, functioning adult who doesn't easily succumb to hyperbole, but this is the coolest thing I've ever looked at with my two eyes.

The suit looks magnificent. The cowl, the chest logo, the cape! It's making me emotional. And the Batmobile. Holy smokes!

The suit looks to have been influenced by Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns as well as the Arkham video games and is a lot less mechanical than the one worn by Christian Bale.

I had my doubts as to whether Affleck could nail the look of the Dark Knight, but this photo has blown those doubts away.

I want to hear your opinions on the new-look Batsuit. Hit me up in the comments below.


The new Batsuit is....


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