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We finally have it folks, after Zach Snyder's tease of the Batmobile yesterday we get another picture of it... with Batman! Now the picture is in black and white, and its dark, so we dont quite have the suit in all its glory but boy does it look good!

The batmobile also isnt there completely but from what we can see, its sticking close to the classic and i totally love it! It seems to take a lot of inspiration from the dark knight returns judging from the crest and material as well as a bit from the Noel series, especially in terms of the head. One thing i will say though, is that i hope the logo stands out more than it looks like it does because i do like the symbol a lot and if its all just kind of black i reckon it will feel too close to the nolan suit.

Hells to the yeah!
Hells to the yeah!

The new batsuit is...


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