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Mark Robirds Jr.

We are finally given our first look at Ben Affleck as the World's Greatest Detective and let me go over my check list.

  • 1. Batman's Cowl Makes Him Look Angry - Check!
  • 2. The Ears Are Short - Check!
  • 3. The Suit is All Cloth/Latex - Check!
  • 4. New and Interesting Symbol - Check!
  • 5. Batman is FREAKING RIPPED! - Check!

To me this is GOLD and probs to costume designer, he did a great job! This is what I've been looking for in a Batman design for years since I've always hated the armor design from Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan films. Oh and we also get a shot of him in front of the Batmobile and yeah it looks pretty amazing. To me it looks like a cross between my two favorite Batmobiles: Batman the Animated Series and Batman Forever.

Overall this is the best looking Batman and Batmobile to date, tell me your thoughts.

Here is a Hi-Rez version as well to get a better look at the material


Which Looks Better?


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