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Yesterday 'Man Of Steel' Director Zack Snyder teased us with The new Batmobile under a cover and promised us he would show us the whole thing today (13/05/14) Well we got it and a whole lot more. Not only did we get to see the Batmobile but we got to see Ben Affleck in costume as the Dark Knight himself.

The costume looks fantastic giving us a full view that it truly is going back to its Frank Miller roots. Even though the picture is in black and white i think the suit it self will be its traditional Gray and black. Snyder has really given us a treat here, As you can see the the bat sign on the chest and the ears on the cowl is traditional to the comics.

The Batmobile though, You cant see much of it but from what i can see it looks Badass. From yesterday's teaser and from what i see here it looks like a combination between the Tumbler and from what we have seen in the comics with a hint of Tim Burtons version (going by the window frame and roof anyway).

Casting Ben as the Dark Knight has caused some internet rioting with people saying that Ben is not good enough, he is a poor choice and that he can never pull it off. Well rewind your clocks back to 1989 when Michael Keaton was cast as Batman people said the same thing about him, But look at him now he is the most iconic batman to Grace our screens next to Kevin Conroy. So i will give Batfleck a chance he wont beat Keaton but may very well be up there with him or he might crash and burn, We wont know as we have not seen him in action yet. but i will say Ben is a huge fan of Batman and has the knowledge to give us a version we havn't seen yet.

Batman vs Superman comes out in May 6th 2016 and Stars Henry Cavill (Superman) Ben Affleck (Batman) Jesse Eisenberg (Lex Luthor) Amy Adams (Lois Lane) Laurence Fishburn (Perry White) Diane Lane (Martha Kent) and Jeramy Irons (Alfred)


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