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James Porter

Yesterday Zack Snyder gave us a first tease of the Batmobile and promised us more today!

I predicted we would just get a frontal shot of the new Batmobile but we got that and more, this is our first official look at Ben Affleck's Batman! And I couldn't be happier. If this is how bad ass the suit is going to look in the movie, then this will be my favorite ever Batman movie costume. I love the suit in the Nolan movies and even the suit in the 1989 Batman but this costume is just perfect, this looks like Batman!

Everything from the smaller ears, to the big bat emblem to the lighter colored torso, everything about this costume is perfect. Plus the Batmobile looks awesome! I am now beyond excited to see Ben Affleck's version of Batman because I think he's perfect for the role! This suit feels more classic, with the shades on the suit and the ears and it has a very "Dark Knight Returns" vibe about it.

So guys I'm obviously extremely pleased with this new costume but what do you guys think about it?


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