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Two Can Keep A Secret If One Of Them Is Dead
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CeCe Drake is a supporting character in the series Pretty Little Liars who first appeared in Season 3. CeCe is portrayed by Vanessa Ray. She was the secret best friend of Alison. The four girls never heart of her but she knew everything. CeCe used to date Ali's brother too. I suggest reading this article after you saw all the episodes of Pretty Little Liars until Season 4 otherwise it may spoil you the story.

CeCe's character was the same as Alison's (click here to see Ali's character), yet she was so different. Her style, voice, and hair are all similar to Ali's. She is a mysterious character. Like Alison, she was using people, she even helped Alison bully Paige. However something was different about her.

She was a very close friend to Alison and had spent a lot of time with her before she disappeared. She had a really complex relationship with Alison. As her mother once said that their relationship was really weird. Mrs DiLaurentis even suggested that they used to change personalities. CeCe once went to Radley Sanitarium suggesting she was Alison. This close and secret relationship of Alison and CeCe helped to create the tangled web of lies and secrets Alison created.

Now You See Me, Now You Don't (Season 4, Episode 12) Spoilers.

CeCe has a lot of Occupations. She is a stylist for a living. However in this episode we can see that CeCe is of the two Red Coats. She got into a fight with Aria and she fell of the sawmill. Aria tried to save her but, unfortunately, she wasn't strong enough. The four girls though she was dead but as soon as they turned around she wasn't their.

A is for Answers (Season 4, Episode 24) &

Who's in the Box? (Season 4 Episode 14) Spoilers.

CeCe was arrested for killing officer Wilden. Then she tried to save herself from jail by telling the police that Alison is Alive. She also tried to prove it by showing a picture of Ali form the episode "Who's in the Box?" where Alison reunited with the four girls. Which makes as think that she part of the A team.

I don't believe that CeCe is part of the A team. I think that CeCe was actually trying to protect Alison the past two years. Besides we learnt from the past four seasons that everything is not what it seems. I believe that we will become more interested in CeCe's character through upcoming Season 5.


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