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The Stella's stocked up, the carpet's rolled out and Marcello Mastroianni (see above) peeks playfully from every corner of town. Indeed, the 67th Cannes film festival is just hours away and we'll be here to tirelessly keep you posted throughout. But before Nicole Kidman and her Grace of Monaco set all those champagne flutes a-clinking, lets take a quick look at the five films we're most tentatively pumped to see.

5. The Rover

Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce roam around a post apocalyptic wasteland in David Michod's first film since Animal Kingdom. As safe a bet as any, we just know how good the Aussies are with this sort of thing.

4. Goodbye to Language

The legendary French new waver will surely continue to push us all away with his latest feature but a Godard premier at Cannes is simply not worth missing. Who knows when, if ever, we'll get the chance again...

Oh, and apparently it's in 3D...

3. Foxcatcher

The Moneyball and Capote director looks to make it three in a row with this true life story of wrestling coach John DuPont and the Olympic champion he killed. Steve Carrel, in a potential milestone performance, looks chilling in the roll.

2. Two Days, One Night

Casting basically their first ever major star in the beautiful Marion Cotillard, the Dardenne Bros. go in search of their third Palme d'Or. No director (or directors as the case may be) has ever won three before but with this weighted story- of a woman trying to save her job by asking the big wigs to give up their bonuses- you'd be foolish to bet against them.

1. Maps to the Stars

(David Cronenberg)

The prolific Canadian has been experiencing a minor slump of late but if his lengthy back catalogue is anything to go by they usually don't last very long. The latest concerns a burn victim (played by the immensely promising Mia Wasikowska) who returns to her wealthy family in L.A.

Pattinson and Moore playing against type? Cronenberg showing Hollywood a mirror? We are so, so in.


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