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So it hasn't even been twenty four hours and the new awesome pictures of Batfleck are already getting hated on by non Ben Affleck fans!

Director Zack Snyder tweeted this picture this morning, as you can see, he took this picture with his own camera, but some people are already attacking the validity of this picture!

Since the release of this picture people have already been attacking the validity of this picture by say things as crazy as, "It's just concept art", "That doesn't even look like Ben", "That picture looks suspiciously like CGI" and my two favorites "He's too buff to be Ben, he will never look like that", and "I will always think of his terrible acting in DD and all his movies". First of all does this look fake, like cgi, or not like Ben Affleck?

seriously??? This IS Affleck
seriously??? This IS Affleck

These people that deny this is Ben Affleck, are seriously out of their minds.

1. I don't know how this looks like CGI, that just makes no sense.

2. This dude has been working out! He's been big before (The Town). To say he will never look like this, is just idiotic.

3. This is a picture taken by Zach Snyder, not concept art.

4. You people hating on his "Lack" of acting skill are just in denial of how awesome this actually looks. You are so pissed that he looks this good, that you can't be caught giving him a compliment. Seriously just admit he looks good, whether this convinces you or not, you have to admit he at least looks like Batman, which is a huge deal. His skills at acting have gotten better since DD, or Gigli. (BTW, DD wasn't his fault, bad script) This guy is the best Actor/Director in Hollywood today, his movies The Town, and Argo, both movies he has acted and directed have been huge successes. There is no doubt this man has talent, so stop holding on to his past in hopes of putting him down. This just makes me more confident he will kill it as Batman!!! What do you guys think?

P.S. Since some actors keep their suits after the films are over (Chris O'Donnell) Do you think Ben will keep his Batsuit in a glass case in his Batcave? (In case you didn't know, he's one of the biggest Batman fans there is, he has been reading Batman comics for years and the main reason he took the role of DD was because he always wanted to play Batman, but he thought he wouldn't ever get that chance and this would be the closest thing he could get to playing Batman. That whole Batcave thing, wasn't a joke, he is such a huge fan, he had a real Batcave built into his home! Talk about committed!)

Let me know what you think of his Batcave in the comics! Would you keep your Batsuit in a glass container like Batman!


Why do you think people are hating on these new Batfleck pictures?


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