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With the season finale ending only an half an hour ago, we're left with many questions and theories. Garrett and Ward are still battling Coulson's team and trying to take control of the government and world with an army of Deathloks. With some help from Nick Fury (the man who is supposed to be dead) they stop Garrett and his team. Fury gives Coulson a mission to rebuild SHIELD and to take as long as he needs. And this time do it right. Which leaves us wondering if we will see more heroes reoccurring next season?

During the episode we saw Garrett change dramatically after being induced with the Guest House drug. Garrett is drawing some symbols on a glass window. Could it be a reference to Dr. Strange? A window into another dimension? It could be possible, they refer to the drug as 'the wonder drug', repairing and giving the subject stronger brain functions and super strength. At the end of the episode we see Coulson doing the same thing Garrett did but in a larger scale. So this could mean a hint of a new hero or villain? We shall see in the next season which was renewed for Season 2.

With the mystery of Sky being a different being or having powers that she hasn't tapped into yet. We get more information that her father is alive and "Flowers" or Raina knows her father or works for him. With the image we saw of Sky's father he is badly injured, bloody and possibly burnt to a severe degree. Leaving us wondering who is this guy?! Also Mike Peterson/Deathlok has turned good after "ending" Garrett by stomping a whole through his chest. Which didn't kill him. Coulson had to use the "804" from the second episode to finish Garrett off. Not before adding some humor to it. The final episode had lots of humor and ass kicking in it. By far the best episode this season.


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