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Oh….My….God this was an epic finale! So many things happened so many answers so many new questions and SHIELD rises again!!!!

**Will Contain Spoilers**

So here are 7 (yes two more than usual!) things you need to know about tonight’s episode

7. Action

The explosive finale didn’t disappoint, with so much action from the beginning all the way to one of the last scenes. We have a fight everyone had been waiting for May vs Ward and May kicked his ass (and she held back not to kill him) it was pretty cool, great use of their surroundings, it does give to believe that these are two of the best agents. We also had a great shootout, but what was the best out of that part was Coulson reuniting with that big-ass weapon that he used against Loki. All around it was very action packed and it was fantastic.

6. Comedy

One of the great things that AoS always managed to do is balance the comedy with what was going around and this one didn’t disappoint, it actually had the same comedic tone as a movie from the Marvel Universe, putting quick witty remarks in the middle of something, or just mentioning a small thing that cause having a good reaction. For example when Fury was talking with Coulson (more on this later), when May was fighting War, and that scene when we see Patton Oswald as a new character.

5. Garrett

The only reason I bring this up is because I thought he was going to be one of the main villains for season 2; but he didn’t make it. However, his arc through this episode was weird and didn’t end well for him, his new power made him crazy (something that would have been cool to explore further) creepy and crazy and he felt he owned the world, that same thought of mind brought his downfall. It was confusing seeing him getting fixed towards the end (not going to lie I had a mini heart-attach I thought it was going to build Ultron and I was going to be pissed) and then getting blown up by Coulson, priceless.

4. FitzSimmons

After last week’s episode we didn’t know the future for these two characters. But many people did speculate that here Fitz was going to reveal his feelings for Simmons, and though I didn’t see him sacrificing himself for her he did tell her how he felt!!! This was a very sweet moment and I was very happy, I don’t think Simmons processed everything that happened but we will see more of this in the future. So now the question is what happened to Fitz?!?! We didn’t see him after they got rescued by Fury and they keep saying how he is alive, but not in a very cheerful tone, something went wrong and we are going to have to wait until the Fall to find out.

3. Nick Fury

We had this cameo coming, but we didn’t know how much of a big role he was going to have, not only he saved FitzSimmons but he also played a big part in bringing down Garrett. One of the things I missed, and didn’t even realize it, was how great of a chemistry Jackson and Gregg have , it is always a joy to see them both on screen and their little bits in this episode were fantastic. He also gave us the answer as to why he brought back Coulson even after Phil himself decided to shut down the project, it is because Coulson is also an avenger and I think that was one of the most perfect moments of the whole Marvel Universe, it was fantastic hearing those words and everything that followed. It all lead up to the future of SHIELD and how Coulson is the perfect person to keep the ideals and believes that the organization was built from and thus we have…

2. Director Coulson

Everything the series has been telling us is how Phil Coulson puts the safety and protection of everyone before him, this makes him the perfect candidate to bring SHIELD back from it’s ashes and build it back up correctly. After the fall, we see him still struggling to keep that idea alive and everything that he kept doing and believing about the organization and himself. Got to give it to Clark Gregg, he brings to life this character and he is indeed one of the best parts of the Marvel Universe. Now we can only wait and see how he builds SHIELD and new surprises he might bring us…. like that very last scene where he was writing a circuit board or something.

1. The Future of SHIELD

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As I said, now the future of SHIELD lays on the hands of Coulson, but that is not the only part of the future. We also got a glimpse of Skye’s father and possibly our main villain of next season, this last scene brought up new questions to the ones we had already abour Skye. We also have the other convicts on the lose and gravitron. So many new threads opened up, so many new stories to explore and if we can learn anything from how the end of season 1 was, is that we see [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](series:722469) found it’s pace and now it’s purpose and I cannot be more excited about this show. We see the tv and the movie world affecting each other and thus bringing a perfect circle for this vast Marvel Universe. Now to wait for the Fall and see what new stories we explore with Coulson and the Agents of Shield.


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