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Hey Batman fans! I know we all got very speechless when we saw Zack Snyder's reveal of Ben Affleck as Batman in Batman vs. Superman! I though I'd share my thoughts, along with some friends of mine about the image!

My take on the new Batman image!

Wow! Wow, wow, wow! When I first saw the image that Zack Snyder had revealed from Batman vs. Superman, I cried on the inside. If you guys remember, I had made a post about me being an extra in the filming of it in Los Angles. When I looked at the photo for the first time I thought, fuck I was an extra in one of the biggest movies in history! A lot of concerns people, along with me, had was that we were nervous that we would see Ben Affleck wearing a Batman suit and it would not be Batman. Have I or everyone else been so wrong! This is not Ben Affleck. This is Batman! The only way you could tell that this is Affleck is by his chin under the mask. But even then, the suit is just to fucking amazing to be thinking about that! When I saw this I thought, Warner Bros. has done it! This is the Batman everyone has been waiting for! To me this is a Batman that is not too cartoony and not too Nolan. As many have commented, this looks like "The Dark Knight Returns" and "The New 52" suits combined! And the Batmobile that Zack Snyder had teased on his twitter has been revealed in this photo and it is outstanding. Again not too cartoony and not too Nolan. This Batman is fucking tits! Watch out Superman, you got the monster known as Batman coming right at you!

Ben Affleck as Batman poses with the Batmobile.
Ben Affleck as Batman poses with the Batmobile.

My friends thoughts on the new Batman image!

"What I thought about the new batsuit was it just looked like Batman. It represented how scary and freighting he actually could be with no more high tech that he had in the previous movies. He looks a lot more like he did in comics. And the picture showed how destroyed and brutal past Batman had through his sadness with the rain going back and him being in not such a tech suit shows as well he isn't scared, but that he should be feared more than anything." - Myles Rodriguez

"The bat suit seems to have upgraded material. The theme of the picture is very dark, which impies the same for the movie. With this picture alone, one could predict a more serious and emotional outlook on the story, whether its new, or more based on the original comics." - Kaelon Drae

"The bat suit is not a traditional suit. Until I actually see it in motion, I won't really know what it looks like. I do have to say that by preliminary assumptions, it is a tad to bright. It almost looks grey in the picture. It may sound lame, but even a small color change makes a big difference for the "Dark Knight." That is my only real complaint. However, when it comes down to it....It's the Batman that makes the Bat suit. So let's see what Affleck can do!" - Nathaniel Kostecka

"Love the new look! The suit makes Batman look like a brawler. Affleck definitely fits the part. I'm a huge fan of Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns", so I applaud Snyder with his direction. It's something we haven't seen in the movies before. The bat symbol is one of the few highlights. Very menacing, and the shorter ears add the "darker" look." - Eddy Rodriguez

"I really like the new bat suit. I like that the points on the top of the mask are shorter, more in step with what he had in The Dark Knight Returns. The taller points that they've had on previous masks have looked a bit silly, and honestly pretty impractical. So I think that that's definitely a move in the right direction. He's looking pretty bulky, which I'm a bit wary of, but he's still not as huge as Bale in Batman Begins. At the end of the day, anything is better than the nipple suit Clooney wore." - Jack Doyle

"I've never been a huge Batman fan. But when I think of him, I always imagine a bulky, mean, and dark person. I feel this suit accomplishes that perfectly." - Ryan Duffy

"It looks really nice, really intense. I like the colors. I'm excited to see the movie." - Gretel Kauffman

The Batmobile in Batman vs. Superman.
The Batmobile in Batman vs. Superman.

So what did you guys think of me and my friends' comments on the [Batman vs. Superman](movie:711870) suit? Who's comment do you agree with most? And lastly what did you think of Snyder's photo reveal? Whatever you thought; comment below let me know!


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