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Hi, My Name Is Kevin Sekenski, And I Have Loved Movies My Entire Life! I've Always Thought That Movies Are A Gateway, To Amazing Things!
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I finally got a chance to catch the latest in the Spider-Man trilogy, and for me, It soared to great, amazing heights. But, I'm not here to tell you a review. I'm about to give you some possibilities for the mid-credit scene.

*Possible Spoilers For X-Men: Days Of Future Past*

For all of you who are still here. There has definitely been some talk on what the mid-credits scene is, and there are lots of different possibilities! So, I'm going to give you the most sensible ones, in my own opinion!

First Off! Watch the video below, to refresh your memory of the scene, or, even if you were just too lazy to not stay to see the scene.

Ok, now you've got those special "Superhero Feelings" in you going! Let's get down to business!

  • Just a clip?

Some people think that this scene, is just a regular clip promoting the latest in the X-Men, uh, universe, I didn't know there's so many! But who knows?!

  • A clip, with a massive obvious Easter Egg?

Some think that it is just a clip, but what they're trying to do, is try to get you to find an Easter Egg that they have very badly hidden! The Easter Egg Is the five mutants that Mystique is fighting...

  • Possibly a Spin-off!

And finally, my favorite possibility, is that lots of people (including me), think that they are teasing at a new "Mystique Movie" which sounds pretty cool! I mean, c'mon, it's Mystique!


So, Which Do YOU Think It Is!


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