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Daenerys Targaryen

Turning my sights now to the next city of Slavers Bay, my entourage and I head toward Meereen. Stopping for a well needed rest and to allow my babies some of the same, Drogon picked his moment to remind me that he will not be mummy’s little boy much longer, and rather rudely snapped at me with a ear splitting roar. Slightly unnerved (Alright…very…but I won’t admit it) Jorah reminds me that their mother I may be, but they are still dragons…they cannot be tamed. An important lesson I must remember. Still…I ban all small fluffy creature flavoured treats until Drogon learns to behave himself.

In search of my captains, Grandpa Barristan with a rather endearing look of wry amusement informs me that they are keeping me waiting while they gamble. Cue unimpressed Dany. I find Grey Worm and Daario (who seems to have undergone some sort of make-over when I was not looking…must say I approve greatly) vying for the honour of riding by my side, by spending all day and night holding their blades at arms-length. How dreadfully productive of them. Informing them that instead of riding with me, they will be guarding the livestock, we moved onwards again, determined to free the slaves of Meereen as I had those of Astapor and Yunkai.

It seems angering his queen is no deterrent to the suddenly suave and let’s face it, rather dishy Daario, who accosts me in a moment of respite with his habitual arrogance and swagger. Daringly, he presents me with two flowers, both apparently full of symbolism and intended to awaken me to understanding of the lands and people around me. More like awaken me to Daario. I cannot help but smile at the dashing gesture and am left dwelling both on the flowers and the one who gifted them.

To my horror, we find the route suddenly halted to look at my welcoming gift from the people of Meereen. Dead slave children, nailed to crosses and left to rot in the baking sun. One every mile between here and the city…If they sought to deter me they were wrong…so very very wrong. All who doubt the heart of the mother of dragons will learn that to their detriment.

Episode Two:

NO ME! *sulks* (I shall spend this momentary respite totally NOT daydreaming about certain dishy captains and flowers…)

Episode Three:

Continuing on our merry way, we finally approach the city where we are met by the nobility of Meereen lining the walls, jeering down at us. Bad move. They think it wise so send out their champion to attempt to best my own, Grey Worm and Ser Barristan both offering me their services. I cannot risk the commander of my Unsullied, nor the man most able to protect my person. Ser Jorah, then stepped forward to offer his own sword to fight for his queen:

“I have been by your side longer than any of them Khaleesi, let me stand for you today.”

I cannot risk him either…:

“You are my most trusted adviser, my most valued general and my dearest friend, I will not gamble with your life."

The look on his face is one of mingled pleasure and disappointment, I know well how much he wishes to prove himself to me, but I simply cannot do without him. Then dishy Daario swaggers up, fresh from his post guarding the livestock and full of self-importance (damn why is that so sexy?)

“I came from nothing and soon I will return to nothing…let me kill this man for you”

I let him have his moment and agree, already riled by the cities champion’s rather vile display of disrespect, aimed in my direction.

“I have something to say to the people of Meereen, but first, I will need him to shut up.”

I nod to the jeering man stood at the city gate. I throw Daario a frown and quizzical look as he steps away, earning a self-satisfied smirk in return for my concern at his wish not to take a horse:

“Horses are dumber than men”

Thrown in with a frankly knee melting wink as he leaves my side, I cannot help but allow my true feelings to flash plain over my face.

It takes him no more than a perfectly thrown blade to the approaching horses head and a swipe of my swoon-some captain’s blade to prove his worth and the champion of Meereen is dispatched in the dust at my feet. The matter dealt with, I address the people of the city, not the masters, but the peoples themselves.

“I am not your enemy, your enemy stands beside you.”

I thought it prudent to point out that my entourage is full of the slaves of Astapor and Yunkai, all now free men and following me willingly. That done, I order my army forward and my weapons fired, sending barrels of the former slaves broken chains hurtling into the city as inspiration for its inhabitants.

They will open the gates, I will take Meereen as I have the last, I will free the slaves as I have before and I will show all those who doubt or seek to defy me, the true folly of underestimating the mother of dragons…and breaker of chains.


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