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Zach Snyder's recent Batmobile reveal may be causing controversy all over - but it's mostly for bat-suit related reasons. What's been largely missed is the giant steaming pile of excitement that is the Batmobile sitting just behind him - one partly blocked by the Batfleck himself.

That particular problem has been solved, thankfully, with the release by Blue Realm Studios of a picture of the whole Batmobile - in prototype sculpt form.

When compared to the Snyder tweet, it's now possible to get a sense of just how very different the new Batmobile is set to be from the Hum-Vee-esque version of Nolan's Bat-films. It is, in many ways, a much more authentically comic-book version - which could suggest the direction in which the film is heading.

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What do you guys think? Is the more old-fashioned Batmobile design hinting at the direction the film is headed in? Let me know below!


Is Batman vs. Superman heading in a more old-school direction than the previous Bat-films?



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