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Kristen Stewart has made no secret of the fact that she likes to keep it casual, but some fans are panning the star for going a step too far with her grungy ways at the Met Gala after party.

Although the [Clouds of Sils Maria](movie:902082) star dazzled in couture Chanel on the red carpet, KStew didn't waste any time peeling back the finery and relaxing in her trademark jeans and trainers.

Check out her before and after looks in the pic below;

Whereas I don't have a problem with chilling out in a look you are comfortable in for an informal after party, some dark corners of the internet have been breathing out poisonous spores of disapproval.

Don't worry though, the feisty Kristen wasted no time fighting back! The star told People magazine that;

For some reason it pisses people off when I change after a red carpet. If I think about why people have these expectations of me it makes sense, but I genuinely think that if people thought about it for two seconds they'd be like, 'Oh my God, why do I care that that girl just put some f***ing sneakers on? Are you seriously mad that I put on some Vans after an hour of being in heels? I'm so sorry to have upset you, you crazy person

You tell 'em sis!

Were you a fan of Kristen's casual after party look, or do you think it was a step to far?


Should anyone care that Kristen chose to go casual for the Met Gala after party?

(Source: International Business Times)

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