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It's no secret that Robert Pattinson has been desperately running from the embarrassing shadows of Twilight, but I think he deserves a well earned rest now!

The 28-year-old British actor has got two David Cronenberg movies under his belt, another with David Michod, and more coming from Werner Herzog and Anton Corbijn.

There is no denying that the stars acting canon becomes more and more high brow with each project he takes on, and now critically acclaimed French director Olivier Assayas wants a piece of the action.

The director, who recently working with Rob's ex, Kristen Stewart in [Clouds of Sils Maria](movie:902082) told Les InRocks that;

I see that in the United States, especially since the success of 'l'Heure d'été' and 'Carlos,' I gained a relative notoriety, which sharpens the curiosity of some actors. My next film, for example, will include Robert Pattinson

But, what will that film be? As of yet it is but a tiny twinkling in Assayas' eye so we have no idea. Unless of course it is [Hubris](movie:967042)... The film was lined up by Assayas last year and is set to be in English with an American cast. Maybe they would make an exception for the British born Pattinson?

Hubris is based on a 2007 Playboy article that follows a group of small-time thieves who rob a man who, unbeknown to them, is Chicago mafia boss, Tony Accardo. Could this possibly be the gig?

Are you excited to see how Robert Pattinsons sky rocketing career soars?


What do you think of the direction Robert Pattinson's acting is going?

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