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Kit Simpson Browne

We live in an immersive world, and between Google Glass, video games and 3D everything, there are very few ways to stand out in a market already used to being a part of every story.

One avenue that is rarely walked down, though, is the POV movie. When done well, they place us right in the very center of the action, and all the more effectively when used in a horror movie.

You Are Not Alone, Derek Mungor's upcoming slasher feature, sets out to do just that - and to accompany it's Cannes market debut, a giant pile of official stills have been released. You can check them out below, along with the film's shiny, scary trailer:

What do you guys think? Are you more easily immersed in a story if it's shot as though it's POV? Let me know below!


POV: More immersive than other ways of filming?



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