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One person who helped shape the Star Wars prequels for the better is stunt coordinator Nick Gillard. His personal take on the Jedi and their fighting style gave us the super fast, highly choreographed fights like Star Wars Episode I's Duel Of The Fates:

Video credit- WaccoTaco on YouTube.

Does the absence of Mr. Gillard suggest a different approach to the lightsaber action in the new Star Wars films, assuming there is some. Will they favour the Bob Anderson Kendo style fights from the earlier movies? Is this further evidence that the Star Wars creative team are distancing themselves as much as possible from the prequels?

I don't think it's such a bad thing for the new movies to establish their own style, after all, generations separate the three trilogies. The prequels show the Jedi at the height of their powers, the original trilogy shows "old men and men who are half machine and young untrained boys fighting" to paraphrase The Maker, so they can be forgiven for being slower by comparison. If we get lightsaber fights in the new movies, and I suspect we will, why wouldn't they be different? Who would be training the new force users in the art? It'll be interesting to see if Mr. Gillard will be added later in the films production. Watch this space I guess.

Stunt master Nick Gillard
Stunt master Nick Gillard

Here is Mr. Gillard's show reel via GillardStunts on YouTube:

By Marc Godsiff

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