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For a Dark Knight’s fan like me it was amazing to learn that the sequel to ‘Man of Steel’ will also feature the World’s Best Detective. As we heard everything we needed to know about Superman in the first movie, there would be enough place to show the audience a new incarnation of Batman. And some time later, when people were already thrilled with the vision of ‘Dark Knight Returns’ almost–adaptation…

There will be also Wonder Woman in this film! Not so good now, right? This information probably made some of you panic or even cry. There are SO many reasons to see her appearance in ‘BvS’ as a big problem, threat to quality of the whole movie. But it wasn’t enough.

We didn’t have to wait long, another character to show up in the film was revealed. And another quite big one – Cyborg. Somebody could say: ‘That’s not really a problem. If they use them correctly they will build DC Comics' cinematic universe faster. You’d like to see epic, action–packed Justice League movie sooner than later, wouldn’t you?’.

Yes, I would. I would also like to see Batman fully featured and origins and stories of all those characters not turning into a complete mess on the screen. However, there are many ways in which the whole thing can fail:

1. Night in the Crime Alley – one of the things we love Batman for is a complexity of his small sub–world. Gotham City, it’s problems and legends, heroes and villains build something almost completely separate from the rest of DC Universe (almost like X–Men in Marvel’s, although it was meant to be changed after AvX). Of course, these wouldn’t be the main focus even in the production only about two cape owners named in the title. Nonetheless, it would be disappointing to see Bat’s reality completely ignored or Alfred ‘s character flat because some Amazon princess needed ten more minutes to explain herself…

2. Flying, super strong Amazon woman with invisible jet, bracelets reflecting bullets and Lasso of Truth… – yeah. Wonder Woman has a TON of strange features to her. Even taking the fact, that her ‘suit’ will be remade, there will be still much to show. How is she flying? How her Lasso works? Where her super strength comes from? We can’t say now ‘Oh, well, she is an Amazon. Also, who cares, look at her!’. Especially after all that scientific talk in ‘MoS’ (which I really liked). Nothing against Wonder Woman, though.

3. If he is a cyborg and I’m Batman… so what am I doing here? – Good question Bruce. We can assume two ways to put Cyborg in ‘BvS’. First, make S.T.A.R. Labs part of the core of the story, probably some horrible plan of Lex Luthor. Kill Superman or hire him – whatever. In such case it would be ease for Superman and Cyborg to fit the plot, even Batman, as Wayne and Luthor may compete in business… Wait a second, where is Wonder Woman then? On her island, nowhere near ‘Batman vs Superman’. Second option: shape it up (somehow) to let our trinity of super–heroes meet and Cyborg ‘happen’ in the background. Like Rhino in ‘[The Amazing Spider-Man 2](movie:508593)’ but less in the end and for some reason.

As you can see, a lot may go wrong – Batman being ‘just’ a secondary character (even though he appears in the title), [Wonder Woman](movie:45787) not fitting scientific world created in ‘MoS’ and plot at all or Cyborg, put there for no real reason, except building JL for their movie in the future.

Yes, I’m a pessimist. Also, probably not giving creators of ‘ [Batman vs. Superman](movie:711870)’ enough credit. I hope I’m wrong and we will all see a great film… but until it comes out, I’m going to repeat my dark prophecy.


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