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In a short interview, X-Men producer Lauren Shuler Donner teased the future of the Deadpool movie that has yet to be announced, claiming "we're getting there" in terms of Fox actually making it.

Donner sounded incredibly enthusiastic about the project and openly revealed a few major things about the film! The first was something we've known for a while: Fox is debating whether or not to do a Deadpool film with a smaller budget so that they can swing an "R" rating.

She also revealed, however, that she has no intention to recast [Deadpool](movie:38663), claiming that Ryan Reynolds is still Deadpool in her mind.

Of course, that's all subject to change until Reynolds is fully confirmed, but Donner (who is rarely ambiguous) was pretty clear about Reynolds still being "attached" to the project.

Check out her interview below:

One question comes to mind, of course. Earlier in the interview, Donner essentially stated that X3 and X-Men Origins: Wolverine should just be "forgotten." That would mean Reynolds as Deadpool would be completely different from how the character was handled in "Wolverine."

In other words: We should all love Lauren Shuler Donner!


Do you want to see Ryan Reynolds return as Deadpool?

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