ByAdam Smasher, writer at
Adam Smasher

Artist Patrick Connan decimated a city with his recent Godzilla-themed artwork release and this time transports us to Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay to revisit one of his (and ours!) favorite 90's action blockbuster flicks...The Rock!

I mean, check out this cast: Sean Connery, Nicolas Cage, Ed Harris, John Spencer, David Morse, William Forsythe, Michael Biehn AND John C. McGinley...come on, makes you want to stop what you're doing and start watching the film right now doesn't it?

Patrick poured nearly 200 hours into his glorious piece, when you see the level of rich detail you'll see where those hours went. Anyway, without further ado, we bring you Patrick Connan's tribute to THE ROCK!

To check out Patrick's work on The Rock and other pieces by him and other artists, visit Hero Complex Gallery!


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