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With the release of the great new Batsuit yesterday, many opinions were given and I found an interesting theory for [Batman vs. Superman](movie:711870). See many people asked who was Clark Kent pretending to be in the flashback when he was playing with his dog wearing a cape in Man of Steel?
Kevin Smith asked this and a few others, well yesterday John Schnepp from AMC Movie Talk gave an idea that since Batman has been around before Superman in this new universe and as shown in the revealed photos that he might have gone through years of fighting, maybe Batman was sort of an inspiration for Clark Kent, maybe's he's emulating Batman. So when Kal-El has to fight Batman it hurts him emotionally because he looks up to Batman as his own hero. It's a theory that I think would be a really interesting idea for the new movie, tell me what you think about it.

Next I'd like to talk about the Batsuit once again: the picture that was released was a black and white filtered photo to get people like me thinking, "What color will it be?" So thanks to the magic of PHOTOSHOP I was able to make three possible color schemes for the suit.

First we have the basic black cowl and cape with gray suit...

...which I could accept but...the truth is that I am tired of the whole black motif that has been going on since Michael Keaton's Batman. Don't get me wrong, I would still love it but I would be a tiny bit disappointed.

Next we have dark blue cape and cowl with the grey suit...

Some might say, "But blue doesn't blend into the shadows!" Well okay fine but as long as you don't go Silver Age Batman and make him bright blue then he will blend in fine. Personally this is the one I hope they go with the most, it's a cool look that would be a nice tribute to either Silver Age Batman or Batman the Animated Series.

And finally we have BROWN cape and cowl with gray suit...

Awhile back it was rumored that Ben Affleck's suit would be somewhat inspired by Batman Noel's suit (which just so happens to be my favorite Batman suit of all time) so could it be that they will make him brown? Personally I would really dig it if they went with it but my main hope is the blue suit.

Are any of these suits to your liking? Is there a different color scheme that you want? Tell me in the comments.


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