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This is my first post and I found it fitting to talk about one of my favorite heroes of all time...Batman. This is my fan casting for a Batman reboot. If I was in charge of the reboot I would not do another Batman origin story. If you don't know Batman's origin story by now, or have at least an idea of where he came from watch the old films, or just google him and you will know within minutes of who the caped crusader is. My reboot would be all about Batman and the robins. They are possibly the most important aspect of the Batman story. I also think that the story shouldn't be restricted to just film. DC has proved that tv shows work and I would love to see a tv show to be a part of the batman universe. My next article will go into detail on how I think DC needs to proceed with the DCCU.

So here we go...

Bruce Wayne/Batman

Ben Affleck

I'll admit I am a huge batfleck supporter. He is a great actor he just had a few bad movies. We have not seen a physically imposing Batman on film yet and seeing the release of Affleck in the new batsuit made me more confident in this casting decision. He can play a seasoned but not too old Batman to really be able to mentor the Robins.

Dick Grayson/Nightwing

Steven R. McQueen


Jared Padelecki

Steven for a young Nightwing and Jared for an older
Steven for a young Nightwing and Jared for an older

Steven has been rumored to be appearing on Arrow as Nightwing. I am a fan of this choice if the rumors are true. Steven is a great actor and in the few episodes of The Vampire Diaries I have seen I am confident he will be a great young Nightwing.

I like Jared Padelecki for an older more seasoned Dick Grayson. I am a huge Supernatural fan and would love to see Sam Winchester leaping around Gotham beating down criminals. Also he would be perfect to take on the cowl as Batman, when Bruce is believed to be dead.

Jason Todd/Red Hood

Josh Hutcherson as young Jason Todd


Jensen Ackles as Red Hood Jason Todd

I like Josh because he could play a defiant Jason Todd and he looks like he could be a younger Jensen. Plus he is a great actor. His performance in the second Hunger Games was great. I would be interested to see him take on a darker role.

Jensen is perfect for Red Hood. He voiced him in the cartoon. He is gruff and he can do action. In supernatural he has had "Jason Todd" moments when he is wondering why someone is still alive after all they have done. Also as Dean Winchester he is known for seeking revenge. Plus if Jared is Dick having Jensen be Jason would make for great chemistry on film since the have been working together for ten years.

My other choice would be Aaron Paul for Red Hood

Tim Drake/Red Robin

Logan Lerman

Honestly I saw this casting before and liked it. I am not a huge Tim Drake fan but if they were to put him the films I think Logan would do a really good job. He could pull off the detective style Robin well.

Damian Wayne/Robin

Chandler Riggs

Do need to explain this? This kid is just a bad a**

Alfred Pennyworth

Jeremy Irons

He has already been cast. I like this choice. He will be a very good Alfred. He has that mentor personality that is perfect for Alfred

My other choice would be Timothy Dalton

Commissioner Gordon

Bryan Cranston

I was anti Cranston for Lex. He did amazing in Breaking Bad but just because he is bald doesn't mean he should have gotten the part. I think he would play an excellent Jim Gordon. He's a great actor and already looks like him

The Joker

Ian Somerhalder

Michael Pitt


Seth Gabel

Ian Somerhalder can play a creepy sadistic character with sense of humor that is needed for the Joker. I think he needs to be played by a relatively unknown actor. Ian is known for his role in The Vampire Diaries so he might not be the best choice but if you look at this picture and watch the first few episodes of TVD of season one you will see what I am talking about.

If you saw this season of Hannibal you would know that Michael Pitt plays an amazing character with a sick and twisted mind. If you dont believe me watch the second to last episode of season two of Hannibal.

Lastly Seth Gabel was The Count in Arrow and his character was similar to the Joker in ways. I would be interested to see his take on the Joker.

These are just some of the ideas I had for the Batman Reboot. Let me know what you think. Did you like my picks? Any other choices I missed or might be better? As this is my first post I would appreciate any advise or thoughts you have!


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