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I really enjoyed watching [The Amazing Spider-Man 2](movie:508593), however there was so much going on and so many villains revealed in the film. We had Electro, Green Goblin and Rhino and so many more were shown towards the end of the film.

The action in the film was great along with the humour Marvel add to their films which makes me love it even more. Andrew Garfield makes a great Spider-Man and I personally enjoy watching him in this role.

It was such a shocker that they killed off Gwen Stacy’s character but this is probably due to introducing Mary Jane in [The Amazing Spider-Man 3](movie:671279) film? I mean I don’t read up on the comics about Spider-Man but I am giving it a guess here there is a possibility? Right?

I am very happy at the beginning of the film we had a few flash backs of what actually happened to Peter’s parents and the part where he finds out about the station where his father use to go everyday to work for Oscorp. Some questions here were answered and I was pretty satisfied with it overall.

Jamie Foxx pulled it off as Electro and I enjoyed his character very much.

Jamie Foxx - Electro 
Jamie Foxx - Electro 

I am actually looking forward to the next film and hoping to see some appearance of The Amazing Spider-Man possibly in the Avengers as that I know of is soon to happen…. Say the comics!

What was your take on The Amazing Spider-Man 2? And did everyone see the credits at the end I give you a hint it had an X …does that mean? Oh wait I am not going to spoil it those of you that have watched it know what I am talking about!

Once again i do apologise, i know i review late sometimes, i am a total busy-body i go as soon as i can to the cinema and type my reviews as quick as i can... Hope you enjoyed this review!


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