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The Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles has been known for years due to the fact that it's been the sight of numerous suicides, and for a while housed notorious serial killer Richard Ramirez. Recently, a widely-circulated viral video of a woman acting bizarrely in a Cecil elevator shortly before her body was found, dead, in the hotel's rooftop water tanks, brought the establishment back into the public eye. (Video below...) So it stands to reason that a horror film had to be made that is loosely based on the strange and terrifying events that plagued the Cecil Hotel!

The Bringing, acquired by Sony Pictures after an epic bidding war, will officially be directed by spectacular independent director Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive, Bronson, Only God Forgives.) Refn, a huge horror buff, actively sought to direct the script, about a man investigating a series of strange deaths at a seemingly haunted hotel.

Are you excited to see Winding Refn's first official horror film?

(Courtesy of Deadline Hollywood)

The video below is the ACTUAL CCTV footage of the woman who was found dead in a Cecil Hotel water tank. Creepy!

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