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Nicolas Carmona

The long road through this many plot season is almost over and so we have the set up for next week’s finale.

**Will Contain Spoilers**

We open with a kamikaze angel exploding as he says he is doing this for Castiel; unknowing to what is going on Cas gets Dean and Sam to assist them with this curious case. Before the Winchesters set out to see Cas, they have a pivotal moment, where Sam tells Dean to leave the First Blade behind and Dean agrees, but he lies and brings it with him anyway but Dean does have a point even though he is fueled by the crazy rage evilness that the mark/blade combo is giving him, the blade can kill Metatron and bring an end to everything.

After meeting with Cas they start doing some questioning and investigation, to which see Dean overstepping his line and making strong accusations and even hurting witnesses. Tessa (ripper) is among one of them, and it is really nice seeing an old face back, I always find the chemistry she has with Dean is amazing and I even go as far as shipping them…well that is until Dean sticks her with the First Blade and kills her. This causes more confusion and chaos in Cas’s HQ and when Sam and Cas come back things don’t get much better, which by the way Cas and Sam went to investigate the first explosion and this showed how Cas and Sam also have pretty good chemistry and even more how Cas is getting into pop culture! mainly Lord of the Rings and that scene with the riddle was priceless, loved it! On the other side we have Metatron talking about how he wants to get more angels to his side and doesn’t understand why they are siding with Cas, he even goes and tries out a trench coat and it just looks horrible on him, nobody can match Cas and even less likely Metatron, who even though has improved as a sucky villain, he still hasn’t left the villains we hate room (he is there with Joffrey and that lady from Harry Potter).

At the HQ Cas gets a video call from Metatron, who goes off talking on how there was a new kamikaze attack and a bunch of humans died, also he revealed that Cas was running on borrowed Grace, which I don’t know why that would piss people off but hey they are angels they don’t make much sense. Metatron also gave a pardon to any angel who changed sides to him, which all of them did after Cas refused to kill Dean. At the end we are left with the three amigos, Cas says how they are going to deal with Heaven now that it’s only them three, to which Dean responds with one of the best things anyone has said in the series, that’s how it always has been. We get back to the bunker and Gadriel talks to the guys telling them that he has seen Metatron’s true colors and he wants to help, then Dean goes into rage mode and cuts him, ending the episode.

So for the finale we have a couple of things to tackle down, first Dean and the mark, we havent seen Cain again even though he asked Dean to find him after he killed Abbadon, maybe he will return in the finale and explain more about the mark; anyway we have an angered Dean who has a blade that can kill anything and is immune to a lot of force powers. Then we have the fight against Metatron, we saw that he and Dean are talking and possibly fighting but to what extend this fight will affect the war we will have to see. We also saw Crowley coming back and some disturbing images, lastly we have heard that after this finale the road will be paved for many more seasons and that we will have a big cliffhanger and so far this hasn’t been a season I have been able to predict the end game so very excited about next week’s finale (and hearing the theme song to a great season montage!).


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