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It appears that popular cable channel TNT, has greenlit a television show based on Stephen King's "Firestarter", called "The Shop". Taking place after the 1984 film adaptation, it's said that this show centers around a grown Charlene 'Charlie' McGee.

Twenty years after Charlie brought down the organization that exploited her pyrokinetic abilities, she finds herself hunted by a survivor of The Shop, Henry Talbot. With Henry seeking out Charlie, he warns her that The Shop isn't destroyed, the experiments never ended, and things are worse than ever. Henry along with Charlie and others like her, must work together to take The Shop down once and for all.

Although being developed by Robbie Thompson ("Supernatural"), there's no information yet on when the show will air, or who's being cast for the roles. It's all too soon to know for sure but, it's produced by James Middleton ("Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles") and Jaime Paglia ("Eureka").

The original novel by Stephen King is still one I've never got around to reading yet, but being a fan of the original movie, I've got to be honest and say that I'm not very excited about this. I'm going to give it a chance, and I'll remain open minded until I view it. However, I can see that this trend of television shows rebooting classic movies is going to get out of control quick. On the other hand, we're possibly going to get a solid supernatural-thriller kind of show. So it's worth looking out for.

(SOURCE: Dread Central)


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