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Season 2 of Arrow is finally over & it was a tremendous Finale. I am not going to spoil it here but I will say how excited I am for Season 3! Most fans are wondering if we will be seeing Stephen Amell's version of Oliver Queen on the Big screen. No one knows as of right now but it MUST HAPPEN!

Stephen Amell fan base has grown quite a lot since the start of Season 2 & continues to grow as we speak. He's a fantastic Oliver Queen & an even better Green Arrow. Most actors have a problem being able to play both the SuperHero & Their Alter Ego but this is a problem that Stephen Amell does not have.

He may not be the best actor, but he certainly has gotten better since season 1. {ASIDE FROM DOING MOST OF HIS OWN STUNTS} He really does shoot the Bow & Arrow very well. But lets face it when it comes to Superhero movies who really goes to watch them for the acting chops? Some of you nitpickers may, but that is no big deal when it comes to reeling in the dough at the box office. Christian Bale did Batman 3 times & he wasn't the best Batman. (My honest opinion was that Heath Ledger & The Joker saved that Nolan Franchise) Toby McGuire was a lame Peter Parker & he as well did 3 films. When it comes to our Superhero movies we just want them done right!

Lets say for example they decide to throw The Green Arrow into the Man of Steel sequel or The expected Justice League film, & they cast someone else to take the lead role as Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow & he doesn't come close to competing with Stephen Amell. Fans will riot & complain about it the whole time & it would be some time again before we see The Green Arrow on the big screen. Don't believe me? Look what happened to Ryan Reynolds & The Green Lantern.

Now a days people think of The Green Arrow & immediately think of the show on the CW, because most people did not know who The Green Arrow was before this TV show aside from us comic book lovers. So you see, he is the current face of Oliver Queen & with the show Arrow ever so popular now (thanks to a little help from Manu Bennett as Slade Wilson/Deathstroke) everyone, including myself wants Stephen Amell to join the Justice league & not sit on the sidelines when The Green Arrow joins the team!

& If the above isn't convincing enough check out this fan made photo!

Superman, Batman, The Green Arrow 
Superman, Batman, The Green Arrow 

He just fits so perfectly in the photo! You guys may have a different opinion than myself so sound off below & let me know what you think! But if you haven't seen the show don't judge!


So what do you think? Should Stephen Amell join The Justice League?


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