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If you want to make me jump use gore/CGI, if you want to scare me use my mind
Epic Horror

Sanity is such an easy thing to lose.

A new kickstarter opened today called The Chair, written by Peter Simeti with the screenplay by Erin Kohut. Director Chad Ferrin rumoured to be attached to the project. With a veteran cast including Eric Roberts, Naomi Grossman (American Horror), Noah Hathaway(Boxey on the original Battlestar Galactica), and Brian Thompson in the lead as Sullivan. Based on the graphic novel by Peter Simeti and Erin Kohut with illustrations by Kevin Christensen.

The Chair tells the story of Richard Sullivan is an innocent man struggling to escape his fate on death row. Witnessing the brutal torture and murder of his fellow inmates at the hand of the prison's sadistic and psychotic Warden, Sullivan decides that the only way to survive is to fight back. But as he matches the savagery and brutality occurring in the prison, Sullivan is forced to come face to face with his own sanity, will he find a way to survive or will the insane events of the prison finally consume him? A horror/thriller set on death row, THE CHAIR is a dark character study on the choices people make in life. With cast and crew of this caliber and a proven story this film is destined for great things. And now is your chance to get in on the ground floor with some excellent perks planned. With the success of other graphic novels made into film, think Sin City, V for Vendetta, 30 Days Of Night, and a little TV show called The Walking Dead. The time for The Chair is now.


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