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Jaime Sanchez

Upon seeing Mark Webb's "Amazing Spider-Man 2", I imagined that, to make it more appealing to myself, there should/could have been a better development and introduction of the Green Goblin.

I’m just gonna get right into it. So you know how in the ASM2 they killed off Norman Osborne? My idea is that, instead of killing off Osborne (the original Green Goblin), they should have kept him alive for one very obvious reason: becoming the ACTUAL Green Goblin.

In the Ultimate Spiderman universe, Norman Osborne becomes the Green Goblin by becoming his own human guinea pig and injecting himself with the “Super-Soldier Serum”. We know how this story ends; the serum backfires and transforms him into this literal, hideous Green-Goblin. (Let the record show that Norman Osborne worked with Doctor Otto Octavius on testing the serum, so this would be a GREAT way to introduce Doc Oc into the franchise.)

As we know, Norman has been keeping tabs on Peter Parker after he found out that he was bitten by a radioactive spider. After finding out that Peter has not succumbed to his wounds, but instead gains spider-powers, he starts to perform tests on himself, as mentioned before.

Coming back to the ASM2 movie, the scene where Harry is at his dad’s death-bed; Norman’s body is shown disfigured (by the super-solider serum, or spider-serum) that he and Richard Parker were working on and we see him hand over the flash-drive to Harry that holds all of Oscorp’s work and secrets; Norman fearing his inevitable death coming soon. They have their father-son conversation/moment, as they did in the film, but Osborne doesn’t die just yet. Harry leaves, in dismay.

Directly after this scene (maybe a few days later?) we see Osborne in his bed about to succumb to the serum, when suddenly, he transforms into this massive Green-Goblin. He destroys part of his mansion (Doc Oc and Harry surviving) and escapes into the night. The next day, GG attacks Peter at his school (fully aware that he is spiderman) and goes on a rampage, battling Spider-Man at his school. Spider-Man subdues the Goblin, he transforms back into Norman Osborne, and they arrest him and take him into custody.

The rest of the movie plays out as it should, except Electro is never taken into the custody of Oscorp. I mean, if he is, he escapes and goes to find where they are hiding Norman to enlist his help in defeating Spider-man, having heard of his transformation into the Goblin. He goes to Oscorp to look for another serum that could transform Norman back into GG. While there, he meets with Doc Oc and has a talk with him about the transformation of Osborne. He gives Dillon the serum (this time more potent and stronger) and urges him to go and help Osborne rid the world of Spider-man.

Dillon then goes, breaks Norman out, gives him the serum, and he then transforms into a stronger and smarter version of the GG (he now has the ability to speak and think clearly). They both concoct a plan to lure spider-man out of hiding.

The movie progresses as we see Peter and Gwen's relationship flourish and deteriorate back and forth. We go through the kiss on the bridge and the fight with Electro, as planned. However, in the fight with Electro, the Goblin watches as SM and Gwen kill Electro, knowing he could have helped Electro at any time and moment, but he instead chooses to watch from the shadows. As soon as the fight is over, he swoops in (either on glider or on foot) and has a talk with Peter on his and his father's research over this serum and a brief history as to why he is doing what he is doing.

Further escalating, he grabs Gwen and heads to the clock tower which he throws her down, Parker saves her, fight ensues, Parker saves her, more fighting, until ultimately she dies from whiplash/impact. The Goblin flees, wounded.

We go through Stacy's funeral and mourning of the family/friends. however, instead of ending with Parker's epiphany and going into battle with Rhino, we end with GG (now permanently the beast) concocting more experiments in Oscorp with some other serums. One of the vials is labeled "Venom" or "Symbiote" or something, as we see it moving around freely in the vial.

These are my ideas for an "Alternative" [The Amazing Spider-Man 2](movie:508593) ending/plot. These ideas were just jumbling in my head and i thought "what better place to type them up than moviepilot?" Take it easy on the criticism guys. I appreciate constructive criticism, but berating is another thing. There may be some inconsistencies here. But all in all, I think this sounds like something i would have wanted to see on the big screen. Just with more thoroughness and details.


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