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To celebrate the return of 24, I'm going to list Jack's intro to each season of the show so that YOU the readers can rate them. When I say intro I mean when Jack's face is revealed to the audience and the 24 theme (occasionally) plays on the soundtrack.

Obviously I have my own favorites.

I will title the Jack from each season like a Steven Seagal movie from the eighties and nineties.

For example 'Steven Seagal IS Under Siege' or 'Steven Seagal IS... Hard to Kill':

...and perhaps slightly less known; 'Steven Seagal IS... Rosemary's Baby'.

Season 1

Jack is sitting at home being a good responsible father. He is playing chess with his daughter Kim. It is alluded to that he has just been let back in the house to reconcile with his wife. The theme tune doesn't come in as he is introduced.

Kim: Is she still giving you the cold shoulder?

Jack: If by she you're are referring to your mother, I would prefer it if you call her by her real name... Mom.

Not my favorite it has to be said. But I suppose the format of the show hadn't yet been figured out.

Jack Bauer IS... Suburban Badass

Season 2

Mason receives a message from Michelle Dessler requesting Jack come in to CTU. Mason walks off to confirm if this is correct.

Tony Almeda: What was that about?

Michelle Dessler: NSA wants us to bring in Jack Bauer

Tony: What? (we see Jack's feet walk behind a car) What for?

Dessler: I dunno, that's all they said. Isn't Bauer inactive?

We see Jack from behind walking down a street.

Tony: Yea, he's inactive

Jack walks to his car and looks around and we see his face, long hair and haggard beard. The theme tune plays.

A decidedly more badass Jack, bearded, damaged and 'inactive'; just the way we like him.

Jack Bauer IS... Jeremiah Badass

Season 3

A hand is placed on a fingerprint plate and the prints are verified. Jacks picture comes up on the screen and then the camera pulls up to reveal Jack Bauer in the flesh.

A nice reveal but not necessarily badass, what follows is a great introduction to the season; breaking Salazar from a maximum security federal prison.

(Technically he is in the previous scene because he reveals later that he was part of the team that set up the hoax chemical attack on the National Health Services Building. Pretty bad...)

Jack Bauer IS... Badass of Alcatraz

Season 4

Jack is in a hotel room with Audrey Raines, they seem like a nice couple...

Jack Bauer IS... How to Lose a Badass in Ten Days

Season 5

Probably my favorite along with Live Another Day's intro.

After the events at the end of season 4 with the Chinese embassy, a select few have faked Jack's death in order to keep him from being handed over and sent to prison. So when we meet him he is living undercover with a new identity.

You gotta love it when he looks up from behind that helmet. Pure Jack, keepin' a low profile and being dead.

Jack Bauer IS... Night of the Living Badass

Season 6

After being captured by the Chinese at the end of season 5, Jack has spent the interim 2 years in a Chinese prison being tortured for political secrets.

Jack is first seen as he is ushered in handcuffs from the back of a cargo plane. He comes from silhouette into the light. His face contorts as his eyes adjust to the light.

He stays quiet while Bill Buchanan makes the Chinese take his handcuffs off. We see that his hands have burn scars on them. He looks timid and damaged. He is escorted to a nearby hanger.

Cheng Zhi turns to Bill Buchannan.

Cheng: Please convey to your president that Mr Bauer never broke his silence, he hasn't spoken a word in nearly two years.

Jack Bauer IS... Silence of the Badass


After the events of Season 6, Audrey Raines becoming sick and after being asked to leave by Senator Heller, Jack turns up in Africa. He is working as a missionary.

In the scene a young African boy is looking through someone's things, he finds a knife and steals it. He finds a scarf and looks at it in the light. In the light at the door through the scarf we see Jack's silhouette. The boy puts the scarf down and becomes afraid; though Jack doesn't lose his temper. It's a different perspective on Jack as he is quiet, and seems to be the archetypal quiet man with a dark past; looking for peace.

Jack Bauer IS... A History of Badass

Season 7

Jack Bauer is getting court marshaled about his torture techniques. He defends everything that he has done in the past,

...but essentially there is no reveal, we simply cut to Jack in a courtroom.

Jack Bauer IS... Presumed Badass

Season 8

Jack is asleep on his sofa, probably for the first time ever on 24. Since we never see him sleep one could assume he's been sleeping for days, taking it where he can get it. His granddaughter wakes him up. It has much the same playfulness as the opening of Season 1 and therefore not very... I don't need to finish that.

Jack Bauer IS... Sleeping Badass

Live Another Day

A team gather on various streets of London. They get to an abandoned building where an agent dressed as a homeless places a remote control car through a hole in the wall. The car has a camera on it and moves through the building until they reach a body.

This is the body they came for. The team enter, but by the time they get there on foot; the body is gone. They spread out and begin to search the building; cameras attached to their phones. One of the team goes down a dark flight of stairs. He is pulled over the rail, there is a struggle and he is disarmed. The figure who grabbed him sees the web camera on the agents gun and looks at it.

Jack Bauer is revealed...

I'd have to say this season's or season 5's intro is my favorite; purely for their badosity.

Jack Bauer IS... Badass Another Day

Okay folks so now it's up to you. There are the ten Jack Bauer intros, some badder than others.

And so to rate the most BADASS intro of Jack Bauer simply vote below.


Jack's Intro in Terms of Badosity


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