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Colm S. Herron

With the perpetually troubled status of How I Met Your Dad getting seemingly worse, we at last have a bit of clarity on the subject.

In a recent interview CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler said she was 'heartsick' that the pilot for How I Met Your Dad hadn't been a success stating:

'there were elements of the pilot that didn’t work out...Creative always drives the business...We felt re-piloting was in the best interest.'

20th Century Fox is in the mix to re-pilot the show, something which has been a successful move in the past, with shows like The Big Bang Theory. With the option on the HIMYD property ending today it seems like mountains will need to be moved in order to make the production a reality. Other interested parties include Netflix and NBC.

However, 'every cloud' and all that jazz, Christin Milioti, who plays Tracey McDonnell (aka The Mother), will be starring in an upcoming CBS romantic comedy series called A to Z.

Check out the trailer below:

So, do you think the Dad spinoff needs to happen?


Best Spinoffs?

Source: Deadline

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