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Mothers eh, who'd have them? Even when you are a successful actress like Carrie Fisher, they still manage to embarrass you by spilling your secrets with gay abandon.

Fishers mom, Debbie Reynold's is obviously mega proud that her daughter has landed another gig in [Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158), but she is not so selective with the information that she spills to the press.

Reynolds told Extra that Fisher is;

very excited to reprise her role

But, then she went on explain that;

She's been on a diet ever since, because you know they have to be up to par

Before kindly informing the press that she has shed 40 pounds so far.

Whereas It is plain to see that Fisher has lost a lot of weight for the part, I'm sure she can't have been impressed with her mom blabbering about her vital statistics.

She does look amazing though, check out the before and after pictures below;

She might not have to writhe around in a metal bikini this time around, but I'm sure Fisher will look positively regal in whatever they decide to drape her in.

Do you think that Debbie Reynold's should be disclosing her daughters weight loss to the press?


Does the press blab on too much about celebrities weight?

(Source: CNN via Extra)

(Images: IOFP, CNN via Getty)


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