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I don't know how this slipped our radar until now, but I just have to post this heartbreaking image now I've seen it.

Lea Michele posted an understated tribute to her late boyfriend Cory Monteith on his birthday, and you would have to be dead inside to not feel for the bereaved actress.

Look at the touching Twitter post from Michele below;

Aside from remembering Monteith's tragic early demise, the most sickening thing about this image is how much hate the [Glee](movie:718630) actress has received for it.

It has been circulated in the realm of internet conspiracy theories that Michele and Monteith were in a contractual relationship for publicity. Because of this the actress has been slated by some cruel sections of the public for this act of grieving.

Even if this rumor were true, surely Lea Michele is entitled to a moment of public remembrance for a dear co-worked who she worked closely with for at least 4 years?

Have a heart, people.

Do you think people are wrong to attack Lea Michele for this touching image?


Do you think that internet users are too quick to be hurtful?

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