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On June 11, 1993, Isla Nubla came into our vision as palentology pro John Hammond flew over his amusement park of cloned dinosaurs in a helicopter. It was a brilliant spectacle of animatronics and pioneering CG technology.

But, as if Tyrannosaurs and Velociraptors weren't terrifying enough, Jurassic World actress Bryce Dallas Howard reportedly experienced a terrifying incident on set of the new movie, involving some dodgy animatronics.

Bryce found herself surrounded by wires and machinery used to operate the dinosaur's jaws and started screaming, 'Please, get me out of here!' The crew, working feverishly to pry the jaws open without damaging the mechanical beast, kept assuring Bryce she'd be fine... But it took 15 minutes of hard work before they finally pried the beast's mouth open and pulled her to safety.

Bryce apparently then thanked the crew for rescuing her and got straight back to work on the Colin Trevorrow-directed movie, like a boss!

I don't think anything can beat the first Jurassic Park, but Jurassic World will probably be pretty sweet nonetheless. After all, I'm a bit older now, so hopefully I won't puke with fear at the bit where Martin Ferrero's character gets eaten off the crapper by the T-Rex...

If you remember that, you probably also remember the main caution of the movie: DO NOT build a theme park populated with dinosaurs cloned from the DNA extracted from insects preserved in prehistoric amber. Oh dear, somebody evidently didn't heed that warning... Still, I'm more than looking forward to Jurassic World. Are you?

Jurassic World arrives in theaters on June 12, 2015.


Are you T-Rexcited for Jurassic World?

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