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Dystopian fantasies are becoming increasingly more popular as the perfect backdrop for our favorite film franchises, but when we're dealing with real life and politics, will that backdrop look quite as glamorous?

Pulitzer Prize-winner Glenn Greenwald's new book on NSA leaker Edward Snowden, titled No Place To Hide: Edward Snowden, The NSA, And The U.S. Surveillance, has just been optioned by Sony and is bound for the big screen - set to be produced by the same team behind the James Bond franchise.

Snowden once said the NSA scandal surpassed anything imagined by Orwell in 1984 in terms of a futuristic vision of an all-knowing state, and the recently acquired producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli have said of the book:

Glenn Greenwald's 'No Place to Hide' is a terrifying personal account of one of the most relevant political events of our time. We are thrilled to be working with Glenn to bring this important story to the screen.

So, a movie centered on the true story of infamous modern-day whistle-blower - which many regard as a hero and true embodiment of democratic principles - is now officially on the cards. The film will tell the story of the U.S. computer specialist and former C.I.A. and National Security Agency employee, who controversially informed British newspaper The Guardian that the NSA had been collecting the telephone records of millions of Verizon customers under a top secret court order granting the government unlimited authority to obtain communications disorder.

When the U.S. government charged Snowden with espionage, he fled to Hong Kong and then Russia where he was granted temporary asylum.

Snowden's story has all the ingredients for a successful Hollywood political thriller: intrigue, true-life cache and a maverick central character willing to leave behind his girlfriend and go on the run from his own government in order to expose the truth. Please, Sony, just let's make this one better than The Social Network and give Snowden the Hollywood voice he deserves.


Will Sony's movie about Edward Snowden do the man justice?

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